Ready, steady… go!

Ok, I think the site is now pretty ok and set-up.
I finally managed to setup the hosting on and set-up graffiticms for this site.

I also found some nice plug-in which I am currently testing, mostly about site theme (using one of Dana’s themes porting) and blog components.
I’ve also set-up latitude, of which I am currently little scared: do I want everybody to know where I am? I just think I’ll try it for some time.
I am extremely happy I was able to import my old post from my previously blog, which was kindly deleted by the hoster 🙂
Everything was done using a backup of the CommunityServer database, and an internal migration procedure of GraffitiCMS. Everything run smoothly, but the documentation (as it’s already known) is very pour.

Now there are alot of old stuff, and some new that my come in the next period.

Some nice reference about GraffitiCMS I found so far are:

plus others…

More stuff will come in the future, whenever (if ever) I’ll find some time :=
We’ll see how it goes.