Last E-MBA day @MIP

image Wow, that was tougher then expected.

Today is my last day @MIP for an Executive MBA with specialization on ICT which I started in September 2007.

A two year long journey, where I’ve learned so many new subjects, each one of them not part of a common training path for who like me started with technical background in information technology.

All the subjects, lectures and testimonials resulted very interesting and relevant for my daily work, having the opportunity to formalize many concept you are surrounded with during your work; this also allow to see things with a different/wider prospective.

I must admit that, having changed job right after deciding to start the emba, was not one of the best choice: a consulting company really need 110% of your time and effort (and I’m using a conservative figure); but in my case both changes were very needed.

Anywhow, this is not the end yet: still a couple of exam to finish plus the final project work. Good thing is that I will start to accumulate again holidays (while during the last years I was using them for the master) and be able to give some time back to my family.


Finally, I will definitely recommend a path like mine to everybody who’s looking to improve management skills, which are definitely needed if we want to have a competitive advantage to perform well on our job, and why not: to improve our career as well.